Dear Pivot Staff and Families:

As a lot of you have heard, most of the counties in the state of CA have moved to the most restrictive level of COVID 19 guidelines due to the significant increase in cases. It had been predicted that this would occur. And that is why Pivot made the decision we did about re-opening the resource centers; we wanted to protect families and staff. I appreciate your input and ongoing support in making these decisions. But most importantly, I hope that you and your families are doing what you need in order to see that everyone you care about is safe and healthy.

Let us know how Pivot can help your students through these difficult times. While many are suffering greatly, we also have a lot to be thankful for at Pivot. I am grateful for and proud of, our wonderful students who, regardless of their prior experiences in school, are making every attempt to make the best of their education and continuing to make progress in their academics. I am grateful to the parents and guardians that support our students at home. And I am extremely proud to be working with the most exceptional, caring, and dedicated staff in the country.

Please take care of yourselves during our upcoming vacation time from Monday the 23rd through the 27th and know that all Pivot staff will also have that holiday time and will not be responding to students or families. Enjoy one another’s company in a safe way next week.

Thank you.

Jayna Gaskell
Executive Director
Pivot Charter Schools/Roads Education Organization