At the beginning of every year, Pivot Charter School’s Governing Board comes together to plan for the future of Pivot and discuss the best strategies and programs for all of Pivot’s students. In January, Pivot’s completely volunteer board met with Executive Director Jayna Gaskell and others in leadership to ensure they are providing the best possible education and resources for students. 

Pivot is known for its fiscally-responsible seven-member board, in part because of the members’ decisions to not take compensation for their expertise and service. Many of the board members have public service experience and are leaders in their respective fields, bringing informed knowledge and passion to Pivot.

“The Board’s ultimate goal is to serve our students as best we can,“ said James R. Lewis, Pivot Board Chair and City of Pismo Beach City Manager. “As someone with a long history in public service, I realize the importance of making every dollar count and creating long-lasting policies that benefit entire communities. I bring that same dedication to Pivot and help to ensure we do what’s best for our students with the funds we have.”

While running a fiscally-responsible school system is important to student learning, the board’s primary goal is to ensure each and every decision puts students and their educational pursuits first.

“At Pivot, our students garner our most significant investment and they’re worth it,” said Tom Halverson, Pivot Board Member and former superintendent. “With every decision we make and every program we offer, our students are always at the forefront of our minds. We believe individualized education is the future and are passionate about ensuring our students have every tool at their disposal to succeed.”

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