Julian Rooney is a middle school EC at Pivot North Bay. This is his first year teaching at Pivot, and his first experience with an independent study program. Julian really enjoys the camaraderie of the staff at the school, and how the teachers work together as a team to best educate the students. He taught at larger schools in the past, where he could go weeks without seeing some teachers. But here at Pivot, “I see every teacher every day, and I really like that.”

Julian also appreciates the diversity of the student’s learning styles at Pivot. He likes the challenge of teaching such a varied group of students.  “Because of the variety of learning styles and students’ reasons for coming to Pivot, no two students are alike. But our curriculum gives me the flexibility to offer online coursework, small group work and individual instruction in a way that meets each student’s needs.” His interest in teaching stemmed from a desire to help kids succeed and achieve their goals, and his primary goal as an educator is to empower children through knowledge. He wants his students to come out with the ability to tackle bigger challenges down the road and to be able to do whatever it is they want to do in life.

In his free time, Julian enjoys sports – either playing or watching them – as well as spending time with his dog Jalobo, a Newfoundland, as well as his friends. He also likes to travel. His favorite travel destination was Kenya, because he enjoyed experiencing the culture and meeting people there. You can read more about Julian and our other amazing Educational Coordinators HERE.