Pivot Charter School offers opportunities that not only advance students education, but also give them areas to grow beyond the traditional core curriculum. 

At Pivot, students have the option to take concurrent or dual enrollment courses while still being traditional high school students. Concurrent enrollment allows students to sign up for any 100-level college courses, in which they can receive college credit through their local community college. Dual enrollment, on the other hand, gives students the chance to earn college and high school credit at the same time by a unique partnership with Santa Rosa Junior College, which is available to all Pivot students no matter where one is located. Both programs allow high school students to explore alternative education options and gain a better understanding of what college is like.

Pivot Charter School’s Academic Coordinator, Luis Portilla, describes these programs as “extremely beneficial to students and a great way to challenge themselves beyond the classroom.” 

Since Pivot introduced these programs and partnerships, there has been a lot of student interest  as more high schoolers begin to explore what classes might align with potential career interests and see what is offered beyond their normal class schedule.

“These programs motivate our students to move forward and show them that college is not scary, but rather manageable and affordable,” says Luis Portilla. “We continue to see students consistently enroll in new and exciting courses and come back to us saying they want to take more and cannot wait for college.”

Students have taken courses in engineering, water cleaning technology, chemistry, and more. Some have even gone on to complete an entire semester’s worth of courses, all while still working through their high school courses. Students do not have to take overly challenging classes, they can start out taking an elective like art or physical education. We just encourage students to try something new. 

There are many options and pathways for Pivot students to take, and concurrent and dual enrollment are two great programs that showcase the educational flexibility and personalization that Pivot is known for. Through this partnership Pivot has also invited college representatives and directors to Pivot campuses to encourage more students to enroll and consider college as a next-step. 

Providing these opportunities sets Pivot students up for educational and personal growth and excites them for whatever may be next in their journey.

Learn more about concurrent and dual enrollment opportunities at Pivot North Bay: https://pivotnorthbay.com/college-career-opportunities/