NathanMeet Nathan, a 6th grader at Pivot North Valley. This is Nathan’s first year at Pivot, as his family moved to the Chico area last summer. Nathan is passionate about animals and music, and he also enjoys reading.

Nathan has a big heart and loves taking care of animals. His cat Leo has been a part of the family for over 2 years, and his puppy Athena came as a Christmas gift this past year. He also has 11 chickens that he cares for. Nathan collects their eggs and sells them to family and teachers. He donates a portion of the proceeds from the egg sales to the local animal shelter.

Nathan has an interest in music and theatre. He plays piano and guitar and takes voice lessons. He will make his musical theatre debut as Captain of the Guard in Shrek the Musical at Laxson Auditorium on May 27th. He is very excited to be performing!

He is also an avid reader. His favorite subject is Language Arts, and he is currently reading “The Warriors” series. He enjoys fantasy, anime and graphic novels.

Nathan and his family are very happy at Pivot Charter School. His mom, Lara, is a high school administrator and a firm believer in alternative education options. “It’s so important to find the right educational fit for your child, and I’m thrilled that we have found Pivot. The small class sizes and individual attention are a great fit for Nathan, and it’s wonderful to see him succeeding there.”

According to Lara, Nathan appreciates that Pivot gives him the ability to work at his own pace. “The flexibility of the online curriculum gives him the ability to work quickly through the areas where he is strong, or slow down when he needs to take a little more time. He also enjoys the fun Fridays and field trips that Pivot offers. He was a little hesitant to go to the first fun Friday, but he had so much fun that now he gets upset if he can’t go to one!”

Robert Chaplin, Nathan’s Educational Coordinator at Pivot, thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to work with Nathan. “Nathan is a compassionate person, who likes everyone around him to be happy. He is a good student and very caring toward others. We are happy to have him here at Pivot North Valley.”