As many of you know, last year Pivot Charter School North Bay expanded our highly successful 6th-12th grade blended learning program to grades Kindergarten through 5th grades. We are utilizing the highly acclaimed, Compass Learning online curriculum with additional supplemental materials coupled with academic support and tutoring through a dynamic resource center program. In response to numerous requests, we are now offering a resource center based elementary program five days a week starting January 4. Under the tutelage and guidance of two creative and talented credentialed teachers, Christa Snyder and Dr. Marsha Chevalier, the program will offer arts, science, math, Language Arts, social studies, drama, music, Spanish language and PE throughout the week. Strong academic support is supplemented with project based learning and socialization.

Throughout the week, the project based program will include all or some of Language Arts (reading, writing skills, grammar, spelling), Science (hands-on activities, in-class projects), social studies (projects, activities and general history learning), Math (general math skills, other math that is pertinent throughout grades like money, clocks…etc.), Art (creative time, guided weekly lessons), and sometimes PE (including stretching, dancing, jogging).

Three days a week there will be two separate program offerings meeting for 1.5 hours each. The core program will provide focused support in the online curriculum supplemented with drama music and dance on some days.

Students who can only come to the resource center one day a week will meet on Thursdays only. On Thursdays, all students will participate in each program and switch after 1.5 hours.

Please see the schedule below and work with your teachers to set up a schedule that will work for your student. It will be important for students and our staff to have a consistent schedule to which parents and students commit.

Schedule for 5 day a week elementary