Pivot parents Jordan and Jennifer Burns have a son Cody, who is a sophomore at Pivot North Bay. This is Cody’s second year at Pivot, and he has experienced academic success at the school. Jordan believes that Pivot helps students find success when traditional school doesn’t work. He says, “There is not a one size fits all school, and there is room for different alternatives and non-traditional school settings to ensure that every child gets the education they need. Standardizing education leaves kids behind, and that is where Pivot leads – by capturing the students who are left behind in traditional schools.”

When Cody was in junior high school, Jordan says, “He had trouble remembering to turn in his homework. He would complete the assignments, but then forget to turn them in. As a result, his grades suffered. My wife and I realized that he needed something different for school, and that’s when we found Pivot. Because the work is all online, the assignments are turned in virtually as soon as he completes them.”

In addition, Jordan noted that the social aspects of traditional school had been distracting for his son. He felt that the cliques and large number of kids in a class created an environment not conducive to learning for Cody. “At Pivot”, Jordan said, “Cody can do all of his schoolwork at home where it’s a quiet environment without distraction. He enjoys spending time at the local teen center for his socialization, and he doesn’t need all of the social aspects of school in order to be academically successful. This is really the perfect balance for him.”

Jordan and Jennifer are very proud of their son and of the success he is having at Pivot. “We spoke with his Educational Coordinator recently”, Jordan said, “and found out that not only is Cody on track academically, but he is currently working at a pace which would allow him to graduate from high school one semester early. We are so proud of him, and to hear he is working ahead is just incredible. We are very grateful to have found Pivot.”